3 Ways You Can Save Money When Working With a Painting Contractor

working with a painting contractor

Like most trades services, there can be a big difference between providers. Some will be cheaper but perhaps provide a lower quality service, others will be pricey but are worth it if you have the budget. Others, unfortunately, strike out in terms of quality and price, meaning you simply don’t get what you pay for. But if you are conscious of your budget, there are certain things you can try to help you save on the bottom line.


A big part of painting is preparing the rooms, which does take up quite a bit of time. A poorly prepped paint job can be a waste of time and resources in many cases, so it’s always important to carefully clean and make sure the surface is in a suitable state to have paint applied to it.

Often, the contractor will need to do some professional prep work regardless, but if you can handle some of it for them beforehand, you may find that you reduce your labour costs. Chat to the painter when they’re quoting you and see if you can come to an agreement of some kind. If for example you are working with a paint maintenance provider on a monthly basis and you have a cleaner that is keeping the surface in the best possible condition all year around, the painter may not need to spend as much time prepping, thereby cutting their costs.

Providing paint and/or equipment

Painting equipments

Again, this will depend on the kind of painting contractor you’re working with. You’ll find that some are particularly flexible ongoing commercial work if you are able to provide some of the tools, paints and primers. Painters will often charge a little more for sourcing this equipment and if you’re saving them time you may be able to get the same work at a slightly lower rate. Keep in mind if you’re working with a sole trader or smaller company, you may have more leverage in this discussion if they need to go out of their way to provide you with the equipment needed for the job.

On the other hand, some painters simply won’t commit to a job unless they’re painting with their own equipment and paint, mainly due to the warranty. Ultimately, it just comes down to being honest and talking it through with your provider.

Choose carefully

Particularly when it comes to commercial and strata painting projects, the best advice anyone can give you when it comes to saving money is ultimately to find a quality painter that’s going to get the job done better than anyone else. Often, this will cost you more as an initial investment, but when you look ten years down the road, it’s almost always the case that you would’ve spent less overall in upkeep.

Choose painter carefully

This stresses how important it is to do your homework. Research painting contractors in Sydney online, check out other projects, ask for referrals and chat to their past clients. What awards has the company received? How long have they been in business? At the end of the day, saving money is about finding value. If you’re looking for long term value for money, then proritising quality over all else should be your number one concern.


These considerations can help you save money in the long run when you’re searching for a commercial painting contractor. It’s also worth checking with friends and similar businesses to yours for referrals, which are often the way good value for money painters find work. For more information or to speak to a commercial painter you can trust, get in touch with Sydney’s Priority Coatings today.  


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The Future of the Commercial Fitout

commercial fitout

As most interior decorators will tell you, the commercial space that people work in can have a considerable effect on productivity. Employers are starting to recognise this and are more aware of decorative options than ever before. If you look at the offices of some of the biggest companies in the world, you’ll see what we mean! Technological developments are changing our office and commercial workspaces, whether that be in terms of decorative features or the layout of the office itself.

In this article, we’re having a look at some commercial fitout trends that are becoming popular in 2017 and beyond.

Use of Glass and Windows

glass seperated room

An important trend that has been gaining traction over the past year or so is transparency in the office setting and the use of glass and windows to divide rooms. There are genuine benefits that come from the use of large windows, as they open the room up to a more natural light, which reduces the need for artificial lighting and makes the office more energy efficient. Using glass walls or windows to divide rooms enables any natural light to travel further and gives the office space a light, breezy and relaxed feel that is quite proving quite popular. It also creates a collaborative atmosphere and connects workers.

Energy Efficiency

energy efficiency

As it is becoming more important to consider energy and the need to be as efficient as possible, commercial fitouts are being built in a way so as to accommodate this. Architects and designers recognise the need to develop new ways to create efficient work spaces into the future.

As mentioned, the use of windows help natural light spread throughout the office. The use of more efficient lighting options, such as LED, is more or less a must for new commercial fit outs. Individual temperature and lighting control options are also becoming the norm, and shared offices are more common.

Prioritising Comfort

comfortable office furniture

Physical comfort is hugely important in office spaces and with the emphasis on ergonomics and how to get the most out of employees, workers’ comfort has become a consideration. We are seeing furniture design innovation become important to companies, as they supply ideal seating for working at a desk that enables employees to work for longer without developing soreness in the back or neck, for example.

Smaller Workspaces

smaller workspace

This may at first seem to be at the expense of workers, but rather, having employees operate in smaller work areas can help increase productivity and has obvious efficiency benefits as have been discussed. However, this is not just applied to lower level employees, but also to those in high positions. Better technology had enabled managers to be able to work at more confined workstations, without the need to have an enormous office away from the other staff. In fact, collaborative work spaces are becoming more common and there is evidence to suggest that workers have the ability to mingle and chat from time to time can make them more productive.

If you’re looking for an innovative commercial fitout option in Sydney, there are plenty of providers to offer you just that. Speak to Priority Coatings today for more information.

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What to Think About When Painting Kids’ Bedrooms

House painters sydney

Doing a quality DIY paint job requires more than just the equipment and the know-how, it’s also about matching styles and creating the right atmosphere in every room. You can be the best painter in the world and get a perfect finish, but if you don’t pick out the right colours or create the right mood for the room, you home isn’ t going to make for a comfortable living space.

So it’s important to think about how you’ll choose to paint different rooms. A kid’s bedroom is a great example; likely the colour scheme will differ greatly from the rest of the house. Here’s a few tips and general ideas on how to decorate your child’s bedroom and make it a great space for them!


Think about the theme of the room

It’s obviously important to encourage the imaginations of youngsters as it helps their minds develop. Creating a particular theme in a bedroom and following it throughout the decorative features can help to capture the imagination of children. Some popular themes include deep space, the forest or something as simple as a blue sky.

kids room theme

That said there are really no rules when it comes to painting for kid’s rooms, so don’t be afraid to mix and match different colours that otherwise might seem odd together. You might even want to create two different themes in the same room! Keeping it light and fun is the most important thing!


Bright colours are key

It shouldn’t come at any surprise that bright colours appeal to kids, and studies show that children as young as 5 months old can receive some benefit from being exposed to a range of different colours.

Bright colours

Further, colour has a big impact on the mood and behaviour of young children, so if they are situated in a bright, happy environment this will certainly have an effect on them (as it does for adults). We’d recommend using primary colours such as blue, red or yellow or secondary colours like green and orange. These are preferable to neutral shades and are more relatable for young children – they will invariably associate certain primary colours with objects and feelings.


Use non-toxic paints

We generally recommend following this tip for painting any of the rooms in your home, but it is especially important in your children’s’ rooms. Organic, water-based paints are really your best bet here to ensure your children’s health remains the number one priority. Studies show that some classes of paint that are high in VOCs can have a negative effect on the respiratory and immune systems, while also contributing to allergies. This is particularly the case with young people, whose bodies are still developing.

Healthy painting

Nowadays organic paints provide similar quality to conventional alternatives, so it’s forth forking out a little extra.


Use the toughest paints

Durability is hugely important in a child’s room, for all manner of reasons. Depending on their age, the paint may have to endure knocks and bumps, scratches and scrapes or even the odd line of crayon or texta. At the end of the day, you’re going to want to use a top of the line water-based paint when decorating your kid’s bedroom, as this will make it more likely it lasts long term. Keep in mind that with a water-based paint you can easily wash off any marks that need to be taken care of too!

So there you have it; just a few of the most important things to consider when setting out to paint your child’s room! You can always have it looked after by a professional painting service provider in Sydney – speak to the team at Priority Coatings today for more info or simply for advice.

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