Does your concrete floor look tired and old even though it was not installed a long ago?  Not only that, if concrete floors are not protected well, they can hold permanent spots and can turn into an unsafe and unhygienic surface. There are many possible reasons for this damage, including heavy traffic, harsh chemicals, or even cleaning products. So, what could be a possible solution?

Well, frequent floor replacement is not even an option as it can be both costly and time-consuming. So, the only way left is protecting the concrete floor and for that epoxy floor coatings can be an amazing solution.

What’s Basically Epoxy Coating?

As a resident of Sydney, you must have seen flawless epoxy floors but when it comes to get it installed for your property, you might not have detailed knowledge about it. Epoxy is a polyamine hardener and epoxy resin mixture that is used to coat surfaces. As the mixture becomes solid, it transforms into a strong, and stiff coating that resembles plastic and protects your floors.

Most people believe that epoxy floor coverings are only used in garages and repair businesses. That’s not true at all. You can utilise epoxy floors anywhere because they are so versatile! Be it your residential garage or any commercial area like restaurants, offices or hospitals, this layer can save the floor from wear and tear.

Another misconception that must be cleared before going for epoxy is it’s not totally the same as paint. Epoxy is mainly a strong resin that cures while the paint dries. To the professional painting services in Sydney, painting and epoxy coating are two totally different genres and require different techniques.

What Are the Advantages Epoxy Can Offer to Concrete?

Shiny floors with minimal effort

Epoxy is the easiest surface to clean because it doesn’t hold bacteria. It prevents mould and bacteria from growing in the floor and maintain the hygiene. Moreover, nearly every substance or liquid that spills over can be easily cleaned and wiped off because of its glossy texture. Thus, you shouldn’t have to be too worried about leaving unwanted spots on the floor as you can clean it instantly and upgrade the whole aesthetics of the place.

Durable base that lasts long

You can rely on your epoxy to last over time. It shields the underlying concrete from stains, cracks, and moisture penetration, and it keeps that shield intact for decades without cracking. If the cause of damage is heat, this coating is even heat-resistant. It means you don’t have to be worried about hot-tier pickups anymore, as epoxy coating doesn’t soften from the tier’s heat. So, this can be an excellent option for garages as well.

Reasonable choice that saves money

Epoxy is among the most affordable flooring options when compared to hardwood and vinyl floors. Not only is epoxy flooring extremely durable, but it is also relatively cost-effective to install. Additionally, since stains are readily controlled, you’ll save a lot of money by avoiding the need to purchase cleaning supplies and equipment.

Solid enough to be chemical-proof

If you are searching options for the concrete floor of an industry, chemical spills might be a major concern. For most of the coatings chemical spill can be very harmful but with epoxy coating, you get chemical-resistant floors. It ultimately protects your concrete floors and keep them strong.

A safe choice for avoiding accidents

Because epoxy flooring is moisture-resistant, there is a reduced risk of slip-and-fall incidents. The safety of your family, clients, patients, and employees will be assured when a slip-resistant ingredient is put into the epoxy.

If you want to maximise these benefits of epoxy coating, it is best to hire experts to install it. For professional yet affordable epoxy coating services in Sydney, look no further and call Priority One Coating today.

Image by aleksandarlittlewolf on Freepik