When did you last paint your commercial building? Was it done years ago when you were a fresher in business and didn’t know which colour actually suited your property? If your answer is yes, then it’s time you should think about repainting it. Commercial property is an investment for any business, and you can’t overlook the power of paint when it comes to achieving success in business.

Do you need clarification about whether your property should be repainted or not? You can go through the article and get knowledge about the benefits of repainting your office building, and you will get a clear conception.

Enhance brand illusion with a fresh start

Getting people interested and know about business is the key to establishing all companies. You can consider repainting your commercial building to rebrand your business. If you want to let people know about your business logo, you can choose the colour from the logo to repaint your property. Whether you design a new logo, you can repaint your commercial property with new colours. It will also help you enhance your brand illusion and make a fresh start with employees and clients.

Keep your building up-to-date

As time passed away, the design trend and aesthetic values changed. The style and colour sense people liked to follow four or five years ago are backdated now. The same thing happens for commercial buildings too. What colour was trending and looked unique in past years may need to be more attractive now. So it would be better if you choose a new colour scheme that goes with your commercial property. It will be helpful to give the building an uplift with a modern and updated look that offers an upper hand over competitors.

Increase foot traffic

People say that the first impression is the last. When a building looks colourful and well-maintained naturally, people generally feel attracted to it more than one that looks old and rundown. The exterior of a building is the first impression that can make more customers walk in. the commercial building works like a physical manifestation of a business or company. So without any delay, you can choose commercial painters in Sydney and increase foot traffic by repainting it.

Attract the right customers

Do you know the colour of commercial buildings plays a vital role in attracting the right customers? Everyone should paint their office building according to their business. For example, bright and vibrant colours suit a retail establishment, whereas simple and muted colours would be better for professional buildings like accountants and law farms.

If you own a multifamily residential, then you should choose primary colours like white or off-white. Neutral colours are generally preferable for this purpose. If your office building targets the artistic side, then you should choose bold colours, especially in common areas of the building. Do you own a commercial property in a beach town? Then blue, green and pastel would be the best option to colour your building.

Increase the market value of your building

Do you have a commercial property and are looking to rent or sell it? It doesn’t matter what business wants to rent or buy your building; repainting it is the most convenient way of increasing the commercial property value. Commercial buildings always have some market value issues, so it would be best if you could preserve their market value. With repainting, you can also attract more tenants if you make a plan to lease it. An outlook has always proven to add some extra value and new clients to any business.

Improve employee morale and productivity

Employees generally spend one-third of their weekday in the office. If you have a nondescript commercial building, no one will want to work there, and they will feel depressed as well. Have you ever heard about colour psychology? Colour psychology is something that can motivate your employee to work full of joy, and it also helps businesses create a new image.

When you are up to choosing a colour for your office building, make sure to choose one that can inspire your employees and also suits your business. Here you can learn about the reaction of people to different colours and decide which colour is best for your office building:

  • Gray simulates a feeling of solidarity or practicality.
  • White and off-white both make sense of neutrality and purity. It also enhances creativity providing a blank canvas effect.
  • Black signifies the power of authority.
  • Blue is famous for increasing intellectual stimulation in employees. It also helps to increase productivity.
  • Purple connects people with royalty and wisdom. It also helps to boost creativity.
  • Yellow will help to boost energy. Orange also goes in the same category. Both are optimistic colours.
  • Red stimulates a sense of urgency, excitement, movement and passion.
  • Green is the colour of refreshment. It generally promotes the environment and gives relaxation to customers.

Repair wall damage to your building

Do you know about all the purposes of repainting commercial buildings? There are so many, and repairing wall damages is one of them. If you get your office building painted before so long, you might find damages that can cause by weather changes, insect infestation, mould and moisture. You can also find some pealing off your walls.

Repainting your buildings can help you repair these damages to the wall surface and avoid further structural damage. The exterior of any building typically faces more sunlight and other harsh elements, so when it’s time to choose a colour for the exterior, you should make sure to select a good one that can serve you last longer and also enhance your building’s appearance.

Meet regulatory requirements

There are requirements in every place that commercial buildings must ensure to keep the environment safe. The health and security of workers are also the responsibility of owners. If one violates these regulations, it can be costly and steep for the owner. So it requires repainting any office buildings to stay risk-free and give safety to the staff and customers’ health.

Before 1978, buildings commonly used lead paint on the walls. When you plan to execute any renovation, this hazardous lead may be dusted into the air. So you should eliminate the lead paint hazards before repainting your commercial property. You might need to follow different laws and regulations for maintaining your office building according to your place.

Summing all up, we can say that you can find many great reasons that will inspire you to repaint your commercial property. But it would be best to avoid hiring amateur painters when you plan to repaint your property. It won’t give you the ideal result and will push you to spend a lot of money shortly.

Instead, you can employ professionals like Priority One Coatings, one of Sydney’s best commercial painting contractors. The best part of this company is it has worked for 32 years with expert employees and does the painting for all shapes and sizes of commercial buildings throughout Sydney.