Choosing the appropriate flooring for a commercial space is crucial. Epoxy floor coatings are increasingly becoming a popular choice among business owners. Exceptional durability and low maintenance make these floor coatings ideal for large and high-traffic areas. It is incredibly chemical resistant and non-slippery.

Epoxy flooring provides an easy solution for renovating damaged floors into attractive surfaces. One of the advantages of using epoxy floor coating systems is that you can apply them to both concrete and tiled floors without removing the tiles.

With epoxy flooring, you can transform your commercial building into an attractive, functional workspace. The application is limitless because it works for every floor, from garages and basements to manufacturing plants.

A wide range of epoxy coating finishes is available to create a customised look that complements the office environment. Here we are describing some terrific options for you:

Metallic and marble effect

The metallic marble effect is ideal for commercial spaces requiring an aesthetic appeal. Metallic epoxies offer various colour options and visually striking designs, creating a glossy and deep-looking floor. The finishes of these coatings can make a stunning three-dimensional appearance that can give the impression of craters, ripples, or even swirling rivers of metallic-looking plasma.

Quartz shield flooring

This flooring system is a mix of an advanced resin system and quartz granules. Quartz Shield is a highly durable, high-performance coating that offers exceptional resistance to harsh chemicals and UV rays. The coating system is available in Quartz Shield 25 and Quartz Shield 40.

Cut and coat system

In the cut and coat system, the concrete is ground down to expose the desired level of stone coated with topical urethane. Its non-porous finish makes it easier to maintain and keep free from stains compared to other flooring systems. This system is relatively quick to install and often more cost-effective.

Swirl coat system

A swirl coat system is an excellent option if you’re looking for a stunning and versatile floor finish. This looks attractive and is easy to maintain. The swirl coat system offers many design and colour options, giving you plenty of choices.

So, if you’re looking for professional help to make your commercial floor a glassy finished one with epoxy floor coatings, Priority One Coatings is always there for you. We will provide a decorative, hardwearing, low-maintenance floor for your commercial premises. Your flooring is our priority.