Paint colours can powerfully impact how your room will look and feel. Dark rooms are also one of them. Whether you have a space in your home with low or no light and want to make it feel brighter, selecting the right paint colour is crucial. As reliable house painters in Sydney, we have researched how and which colours work best for rooms with little natural light. Let’s explore together.

Best paint colours for low-light areas

Before selecting the paint shade for dark rooms, knowing what room you want to renovate is essential. Every space is different and has unique requirements. The same colour palate will not work for all places. Different areas need different colour schemes, whether it is a living room, kitchen, hallway or bathroom.

After you select the place, you need to know how the paint scheme works. In general, when deciding hues for dark rooms, there are two ways available. You can go for brighter and lighter tones traditionally or select darker tones to make an illusion. No matter whether you want to round up your area with a counteract of lighter shades to enhance the beauty of naturally dark tones, here you can get an idea of the colours.


Yellow is a great option when there are not enough natural lights coming into the room. This colour can create a feeling with artificial light. It works best for bedrooms and bathrooms with tiny windows. Just ensure the room has enough artificial lighting so it does not fall flat. Yellow works nicely with white accents and light wood decorations to bring warmth into a cold area.


Pink instantly brightens any room and adds a lot of charm. We like softer pastels and rose tones to give a bit of colour without becoming overpowering. However, if you want something stronger, like fuchsia, use it on an accent wall, as ultra-bright tones may make a space appear smaller when used on all four walls.


It may seem insane to add additional grey to a gloomy and dim area, but it works. All depends on the colour you choose if you keep with light to medium hues, you’ll be astonished at how much it can brighten up a room. To keep things cosy, consider using extremely light tones like dove grey. Greys with a bit of colour are also nice choices, especially when combined with a touch of lavender or pink for warmth.

Light blue

This lovely colour makes us feel like floating on a cloud in the sunshine. Light blue adds brightness to a place, especially when combined with basic white accessories. It’s perfect for the bathroom or any other dark space in your home.


Black may appear to be a dramatic choice, but it can work in a naturally low-lit or compact area. The trick to decorating with black in low-light spaces is to choose the proper hue. For a smoother appearance, you can choose more nuanced blacks, like the charcoal-toned Off-black or soft black with delicate blue undertones.

Dark teal

If you lack adequate sunlight, you can choose deeper colours to absorb shadows and give the room character. Darker colours, such as teal, significantly absorb shadows.
You can also use decorative items like mirrors to bounce light throughout the room. For example, everything in the bathroom is quite reflective. You may have a large mirror, a white bath, and glass that reflects and bounces light about the room.

Last words

Now, you know which colours are perfect for dark rooms and can choose one that suits your requirements. Moreover, if you want to consult with professional residential painters near you for the best result, Priority One Coatings can help you out in any situation.

Photo by Devon Janse van Rensburg on Unsplash