Priority One Coatings Brings The First Infographic Onsite!

Decorating your home is about much more than simply picking out the shades you like; it requires a keen sense of what colours work together and understanding what mood you’re trying to create in the room. When deciding on the paint colours you’re going to use, you also need to consider the setting, where the sunlight is coming from and how much there is and the furniture you will be using. Below you’ll find a visual image on few tips to help you through the process when decorating your living room.

Living room paiting tips infographic

When you are up to get the best view for your living rooms; along with picking the perfect paint colours there is also another major factor to consider that have a huge impact on the paint colour of your room – The lighting. The brightness of the painted room vary according to the amount of lighting applied and the paint colours reflect light to a very large extent. To know more about this you can visit our previously published article on that.