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Being a business owner in Sydney, you understand the importance of the appearance of your commercial space. It needs to look clean and up-to-date to attract new customers. Moreover, a well-maintained property tends to hold more value than others. Whether you want to give your building a new look or try to maintain the overall appeal, painting it can be a great idea.

If you plan to improve your commercial building aesthetics, your search history must contain phrases like commercial painters near me or commercial painters Sydney. You might find many suggestions, but you need an expert commercial painting company to fulfil your project requirements, including both interior and exterior painting.

With more than 32 years of experience, Priority One Coatings offers the best industrial painting in Sydney. Our pride is our skilled and dedicated commercial painters in Sydney, with proper industry knowledge and years of expertise.

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    Our Commercial Painting Contractors Work Sydney Wide

    No matter if you own a small retail store or a big mall, our Dulux Accredited painters have a solution to all your painting needs. Whether interior and exterior painting or ongoing painting maintenance, our commercial painting contractors are the go-to choice for several prestigious governments and private organisations in Sydney.

    We never compromise the paint quality and ensure our Sydney painters work with the top painting brands. Our commercial painting company offers tailored painting services and colour suggestions that meet your requirements. We provide colour consultation based on the unique brand identity of your company.

    A lot of wear and tear on the building often turns your business premise into an unhygienic and neglected place, creating a poor impression on the visitors. Our commercial painting services are special in Sydney because they will never let your business space lose its sparkle.

    Strata title properties

    Hire the Best Local Commercial Painting Company in Sydney

    Whether a spruce-up or complete renovation is required, our commercial painters always ensure a high-quality finish. In addition, our qualified commercial painting contractors guarantee 100% customer satisfaction by giving on-time service all over Sydney.

    So, if you want to update the paintwork of your office and building facilities in Sydney, contact Priority One Coatings today. Our high-quality commercial painting services to various industries, including hospitality, healthcare, education, and retail, make us the best choice for all Sydney business owners.

    One-Stop Solution for Your Commercial Space

    When we give the commitment to take care of your office or shop, we actually mean it. At our company, we have experts to find a solution for every problem and give your commercial space a complete makeover. As maintaining quality for every service is a must for us, we are the ultimate solution for all our commercial clients in Sydney. Our team works very hard and is always ready to put in that extra effort to gain another member of our satisfied customer list. As we already claimed, versatility is our strength for commercial painting and every other painting service we provide.

    Though we do not follow the word impossible and try to achieve anything you ask for your property, here we present an example list of commercial painting services that our customers ask for regularly-

    Commercial interior painting

    Commercial exterior painting

    Texture coating, including roll-on, trowel-applied, sprayed coatings

    Anti-graffiti and anti-pollutant finishes

    Commercial repaint projects

    Line marking

    New construction painting projects

    Acrylic and enamel paints, stains and polyurethane finishes

    High access painting projects

    Abseiling & rope access

    Scaffold & boom lift access

    Spray painting

    Epoxy painting & coatings

    Swing stage access

    Emergency & maintenance programs

    Fire resistant coatings

    Office end-of-lease painting service

    Lead paint testing and removal

    Anti-graffiti coating

    Floor coatings, including epoxies, polyurethane and anti-slip coatings

    Specialities That Make Us the Best Choice for Commercial Painting

    While searching for commercial painters in Sydney, you will get many suggestions, but not every company can reflect on why they are different. With years of experience and a team of Dulux Accredited painters, we can prove our painting service as one of the bests in Sydney. In addition, we have some other vital reasons that make our Sydney painters as specialists in commercial and industrial painting. We are the first option for any property owner who needs a painting service in Sydney Metropolitan area.

    Safety Measures

    Working safely is one of our first priorities, and we never compromise with that. We always meet local guidelines and prevent safety hazards. Our painters are the most valuable resource of our team. Thus, it is essential for us to ensure the safety of both our painters and our customers, who trust us for our professional service. 

    After-hour Service

    We know that your business is a priority, and we go beyond to ensure that our commercial painting services align seamlessly with your operations. So, we offer convenient after-hour service. Our dedicated team of painters will work meticulously during off-peak hours to complete your job as quickly as possible without compromising the quality.

    Free quotes

    When the decision is about your project, we understand that transparency and clarity are crucial. That's why we offer free, no-obligation quotes for all our services. Our expert team will assess your unique requirements and provide a comprehensive quote. It usually outlines the scope of work, materials needed, and an accurate breakdown of costs that can help you make decisions more confidently.

    Site inspection and survey

    At Priority One Coatings, we believe in attention to detail. Thus, we offer comprehensive site inspections and surveys as part of our commercial painting process. Our team will carefully inspect your property to assess its specific characteristics, identify any potential challenges, and understand your vision for the space. Also, with the help of proper inspection, we estimate the exact timeframe we need for work and promise a correct delivery date.

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    We provide a range of insurance coverage for commercial painting services in Sydney.

    1. Public Liability Insurance
    2. Home Warranty Insurance
    3. Workers Compensation Insurance
    4. Occupational Health & Safety Compliant with complete OH&S System in place

    Commercial Painting Process

    From picking the right colours to achieving a flawless finish, the commercial painting process surely requires careful planning, preparation, and skilled execution. However, no matter what the business owner requires, our experienced painting company tries its best to achieve that during the promised time. By following a systematic step-by-step method, our professional painters can ensure high-quality results that meet the client's expectations and stand the test of time. Though the commercial painting process can vary depending on the specific project and requirements, here is an essential step-by-step method we follow for almost every commercial painting service we provide.

    Surface Treatment

    With regular wear and tear, the walls of your commercial buildings often turn crusty and lose their spark. In our surface treatment step, we try removing dirt, grease, and any loose or flaking paint to remove that crustiness and for a better paint application. This preparation step also includes sanding, patching, and repairing damaged areas. For commercial buildings, this step is a time-consuming task.

    Depending on the building s size, it may take some time before the first coat is applied. Therefore, first, our commercial painters avoid speeding up the process as it results in disasters and more paint cracks. We try to invest a significant amount of time in preparation as a smooth base ensures a long-lasting finish. Secondly, we prepare the surface before painting to get the perfect outcome because even the best quality paints cannot create a flawless finish when the wall is not ready.


    In this step, we take necessary precautions to protect surrounding areas, furniture, fixtures, and flooring from paint splatters or damage. Your office or shop might be full of valuable stuff, and moving everything is sometimes impossible. For this reason, we cover floors, furniture, and other objects with drop cloths or plastic sheets.

    Also, if you are repainting the space, there might be partial areas where paint is not required. So, we mask off areas that should not be painted using painter’s tape. As we are very serious about safety, we make sure none of your assets gets damaged for our painting process. 


    Primer is a step often overlooked by many painters, but one that makes all the difference when painting commercial buildings. It helps improve paint adhesion, seals porous surfaces, and provides a uniform base for the paint. Our skilled commercial painters use the primer as a protective layer of the new layer of paint.

    This step prolongs the durability and preserves the integrity of the fresh coat. In addition, we use a suitable primer for the prepared surfaces depending on the wall type. For example, we use tinted primers for masking existing bold colours so that they do not require multiple coats of paint to look neat.

    Strategic Scheduling

    Once we are done with the priming, we start our painting process. Commercial buildings tend to face more activity and pedestrian traffic, which makes painting them more critical and challenging. But not with us because we always follow our schedule and work in a timeline that causes minimum to no disturbance in your business schedule. As already said, we never compromise with quality, so using the top branded paints is a mandatory step to follow for all our skilled commercial painters.

    We use professional techniques and equipment to ensure a smooth and consistent paint application. We never ignore any faulty areas of the wall. If we find any during the painting process, we fix it and then paint it. Whether it’s complicated trim work, textured surfaces, or large-scale areas, our painters have the knowledge and experience to achieve a polished look that elevates the aesthetic appeal of your commercial space.  





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    Related Works

    Commercial painting is a very sensitive task as it holds the recognition of your business. Therefore, you should only trust the painting company with long-term experience and a positive image in the market. Priority One Coatings has been serving for more than 32 years and has received so many positive reviews from its clients during these years. In this experiencing journey of us, we have completed painting various shops, offices, stores, restaurants and many more. You can check here the pictures of some of the commercial paintings we have completed so far.   

    Our Commercial Painters Sydney Worked On

    Not only Services, but we are highly adaptable towards selecting projects also. No matter If your commercial space is a small restaurant or a multi-stored hotel, if it needs some touch-up, we are here to help you. Our Dulux accredited painters have successfully worked on the following projects, and the list is continuously growing every day-

    Aged Care Facilities

    Community Centres

    Retirement Villages



    Government Buildings

    Heritage Sites

    Retail Precincts

    Office spaces

    Medical clinics

    Transport & logistics projects

    Car parks

    Retail stores



    Shopping centres

    Childcare centres

    Schools & Tertiary institutes





    Entertainment venues

    Office towers

    Frequently Asked Question

    We understand that you may have particular questions regarding our commercial painting services. When you contact us, we can give you a details idea about everything you need to know. However, to provide you with an immediate solution, here is a list of the most asked questions by our regular commercial clients and their answers prepared for you.

    When do you need to paint a commercial space?

    The easiest way to know when to paint your office is just to look. What does your building look like now? If your building needs it, you will probably be able to see it with the naked eye. If there is cracking, blistering or chalking on the surface, it needs to be repainted. The same goes for mildew and algae. These failings in your current paint can lead to severe damage to your exterior surface and expensive repairs, if not painted immediately. So, when in doubt, consult with commercial painters near you as soon as possible.

    What are the colours recommended for my business office?

    Colour consultancy is a task that we take quite seriously as we believe a space's colour can change the total atmosphere. That is why we do not recommend suggesting the colour palette randomly; rather, we would assess your shop or office, understand your business type and brand identity, and suggest a colour that goes best with the project.

    How do I select the right commercial painter for me?

    Selecting the right commercial painter is important to ensure a successful painting project. Here are some qualities you should ask for when choosing a commercial painter:

    • Experience and expertise
    • Reputation and references
    • Licensing and insurance
    • Communication and professionalism
    • Portfolio and proof of previous work
    What type of paint do you use?

    Maintaining quality is our priority, and we never compromise with that. Our painters are Dulux accredited and only use the most high-quality paint available. So, you get a perfect and long-lasting finish at the most affordable rate.

    Why do I need commercial painting contractors for my project?

    When the question is about commercial painting, hiring professionals is the only way to make it look organised and up-to-date. Hiring commercial painting contractors offers several advantages.

    • Experienced contractors have the knowledge and expertise to handle large-scale projects efficiently and complete every complex area.
    • They can provide expert colour consultation that expresses your brand, surface preparation, and paint application techniques.
    • Their service looks neat and clean and definitely lasts longer.
    • Commercial painting contractors have access to advanced tools and high-quality paint required for the project's efficient completion.
    How many weeks does it take to complete a commercial property?

    The duration of our commercial painting process can differ on several factors, for example, the size and condition of the property, special customisation and the number of coats required. We will assess your property requirements and provide you with a date. We always maintain our time and try to finish the work quickly and efficiently.

    How much does it cost for your painting service?

    Deciding on price generally is not really the way we follow. Our best try is to inspect the place thoroughly, know your requirements, understand the size and condition of the space and then declare a price that matches your budget.

    Is the price quote free?

    Yes, quotation is 100% free and has no obligation on your part. You'll get an accurate and reliable estimate from us to know how much you can expect to pay for your project. We are completely transparent about our pricing. There are no hidden fees or charges you have to pay.

    Are you licensed and insured?

    As an expert in the painting field, we always maintain proper safety and strictly follow local guidelines. We are definitely licensed and provide insurance coverage. We provide Public Liability Insurance, Home Warranty Insurance, Workers' Compensation Insurance, and Occupational Health & Safety Compliant with a complete OH&S System in place for commercial painting services.

    What other services do you provide?

    Our commercial painting service is on the preference list for every business owner in Sydney. But we are also famous for strata painting, residential painting, lead paint removal, epoxy floor coatings and many more.

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