A commercial painting project is much more complicated than a residential one. It’s about more than painting a room in your home. An entire office needs more attention in the whole process of painting. As commercial spaces require a professional hand, the possible mistakes are also significant in numbers that a non-pro commercial painter can do in your business premises. Here is a list of some common mistakes that a business owner should avoid in a painting project are:

Not Utilising an Estimator

First things always come first. When you are searching for commercial painting Sydney, it is crucial to ask for a quote where you can find all the necessary details about painting your commercial building. An estimator usually considers the area size, amount of paint, total materials cost, labour costs and every possible task that is important for the workspace. Every office environment is different and requires a close inspection to estimate and provide a quote without any hidden cost.

Insufficient Surface Preparation

Failing to prepare the surface before applying a fresh coat of paint is one of the most common mistakes that novice painters can make. Individual office spaces may require different surface preparations. Painting over cracked walls and leaks without prep work and repairing can result in no uniform coverage with peeling, chipping and fading. Experienced commercial painting companies like Priority One Coatings spend almost 80% of their time on prep and prime to complete any retail paint job with the perfect finish.

Poor Colour Selection

Colours profoundly impact setting the right office environment and boosting the employee’s productivity. An eyesore colour can’t build the expected relationship between the commercial area and the people who visit it. Colour phycology can help you to have aesthetic appeal in your office space. Commercial painting experts always help you select the best colour scheme for your office interior.

Besides that, using wrong tools, incorrect application techniques, low-quality materials, rushing the drying process, making messes, and business interruptions are other mistakes a business owner should take care of throughout the painting project.

If you want to complete your commercial building paint job avoiding all these painting failures, Priority One Coatings, the leading painting company in Sydney Metropolitan area, can help you out. With over 32 years of experience and a team of Dulux Accredited Painters, we got you covered. You can contact us whenever you want.