Paint and coatings are two terms that we mostly use interchangeably. However, there are some key differences between them. Property owners often have to choose between these two whenever they want to renovate their buildings. So, it is important to know the differences between paint and coatings. As reliable and experienced painters in Sydney, we have listed all the differences in this article to help you out. Let’s explore the insights together.


Paint: Painting mainly enhances the beauty of any structure. Its main purpose is to make any property look appealing or aesthetic. Though it can provide some level of protection, it’s not the main goal. Paint is used only for decorative purposes to make old buildings newer and nicer.

Coatings: The coating scenario is different. It has a wide range of purposes. Coatings can also add decoration to the property, but the main purpose is to give protection and perform for a long time. The functions coatings can do include rust and corrosion protection, stability in ultra-violate rays, colour retention, protection against mould, mildew and bacteria, waterproofing, water shading, etc. Coatings can also be fire and chemical-resistant.


Paint: Paint is basically a mixture of pigment, solvent, resin, and additives. It comes in different types, such as latex, acrylic, and enamel, but all share mostly the same composition.

Coatings: Coatings are formed with a broader range of materials. They can include paint, varnishes, lacquers, and other special formulations according to requirement. Depending on the application, coatings can add different materials like epoxies, urethanes, or sealants.


Paint: Paint is mainly applied in liquid form with brushes, rollers, or sprays. It requires multiple coats to achieve proper finishing.

Coatings: Coatings come in various forms, such as liquid, powder, and film. Depending on the surface type, coatings can be applied in different methods, including brushing, dipping, rolling and spraying.


Paint: Paint has short-term durability compared to coatings. Painting can last 7 to 10 years, depending on maintenance and project categories. Executing a paint job is quite easy, and painting mistakes are not so harmful. With the help of professional painters in Sydney, one can easily remove the paint and fix it by repainting it without any serious property damage.

Coatings: Coatings can go an extra mile. It offers superior durability and longevity. Some projects may apply coatings after 25 to 50 years for the complicated process. Once you make any mistakes in coatings, it can damage your property. The surface can come into contact with environmental elements, causing damage. Risky methods like sandblasting are often needed to remove the coatings. That’s why hiring an expert painting company is highly recommended for coatings.


Paint: Paint is often used in residential, commercial, and strata buildings for interior and exterior walls and ceilings. It is also used to decorate furniture, doors, and windows. The most important fact is that you can paint over coatings but can’t apply coatings over paint.

Coatings: Coatings are used mostly in industrial buildings like garages, shopping malls, and warehouses. They can also be used on cars, appliances, bridges, and pipes where protection is required to save the property from wear and tear.

Last words

At last, we can conclude that paint is a type of coating, but coatings are not paint. Paint works like makeup for walls to make them look more appealing, whereas coatings work like sunscreen that can protect the surfaces against damage. Now, all you know is the differences between paint and coatings. So you can easily choose what service you need for your property. Moreover, if you need any epoxy coatings or residential, commercial or strata painting services, Priority One Coatings is always there to complete all your projects with Dulux Accredited painters.

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