Do you want to make your commercial building look always aesthetically appealing? Applying a fresh coat of paint is a solution. But what if you could extend the lifespan of your commercial paint job without investing frequently in repainting? With proper maintenance and following some basic steps before, during and after the exterior paintwork, you can easily ensure the longevity of paint life. Let’s explore the details of maintaining painted walls together.

Proper Prep work

Prep work is essential to increase the lifespan of a painted surface. Contaminants like dirt and grease can hinder paint adhesion, leading to premature peeling or chipping. A combination of soapy water and mildew removers can ensure a clean surface. Priming is a bridge between the surface and paint, enhancing adhesion and durability. It can also achieve a uniform appearance when changing colours or using over porous surfaces.

Imperfections like cracks, holes, or rough patches can mar the final appearance. Filling these with filler and sanding the surface ensures a smooth application, creating a slightly roughened texture that improves paint adhesion. Lastly, prolong the paintwork’s lifespan with an extra coat of paint.

Choosing the Right Paint

The key to a long-lasting and eco-friendly commercial painting finish often begins with choosing the right paint. High-quality paints offer richer colours, fewer coats, and enhanced durability. Premium paints are formulated with better pigments, binders, and additives, ensuring better wear over time. Commercial spaces have varied needs, with moisture-resistant paints ideal for areas prone to moisture and higher-sheen paints for high-traffic areas.

Oil-based paints are often used for surfaces that need a robust, long-lasting coat, while water-based paints are preferred for walls and large surfaces due to their ease of use and versatility. Understanding the appropriate use of each type will help you to have an extended paint job.

Protect Paint Work

Regularly cleaning the painted walls is crucial for maintaining a clean and professional appearance. Wainscoting is a popular method for protecting lower walls from foot traffic and furniture damage. Protective finishes, such as sealants, top coats, and clear coats, are famous for safeguarding freshly painted surfaces in environments like hospitals or schools. They are also helpful in high-humidity areas exposed to extreme moisture.

Regular Inspection and Preventive Maintenance

It’s always a good idea to be proactive when it’s time to maintain the appearance of your commercial property. It means taking steps to prevent problems before they occur. That requires regularly cleaning, inspecting wall surfaces, fixing any holes or cracks, and addressing underlying issues that can cause damage to your paintwork. Regular touch-ups are essential for areas with more wear, such as trim, doors, or walls exposed to sun or wind. Addressing water leaks is also necessary for maintaining paint job longevity.

Last Stroke

Whether you own a commercial property or manage a retail store or school building, by following the above steps, you can extend the life of its paint job to the maximum. To keep your commercial building pristine in the long run, hire professional commercial painters like Priority One Coatings. Our experience, quality tools, and expertise can save you time and money.

Photo by Nastuh Abootalebi on Unsplash