In many ways, it goes without saying, but paint colour selection is extremely important as far as creating a feel or atmosphere in a particular room. That’s part of the reason the colour section is so important – it can be the difference between a room feeling comfortable or relaxed and feeling a little awkward.

Interestingly, picking certain colours and lighting can give a room the appearance of being much larger or smaller than it is, which can help add to the comfort levels.

This article will discuss just a few of the ways this can be achieved, something to think about if you are doing interior painting.

Ideal shades for smaller rooms

A common question from homeowners is how to go about decorating a small room in a way that makes it feel bigger. Generally, cool, light tones and shades are the way to go, not only because they make the best use of any natural light that enters the room but because they have a ‘receding’ quality that visually opens the room up. Something to think about is that in smaller spaces, you want to maximise natural light as much as possible and avoid using a number of different shades. Using just one makes it difficult for the eyes to recognise the room’s edges.

Making a long room look shorter

There’s no doubt that large, long rooms can be problematic, particularly when their main use is for entertaining. A popular way of dealing with this is to separate the space in some way; folding screens, bookcases or shelving are just a few of the ways. Picking out the right colours can also help. Darker colours and warm shades on the most remote and distant wall can have the effect of making it seem much closer, especially if the walls adjacent (the longer walls) are painted in lighter colours.

Dealing with low ceilings

High ceilings are generally preferred; in fact, studies have shown that rooms with higher ceilings can help make us think in a more open-minded way. Ultimately, more space is generally a good thing as people don’t like to be confined. You can make a low ceiling seem higher with the same bright colours on the walls and ceiling. This has the optical effect of blurring the line somewhat between where the wall ends and the ceiling begins. If it suits the aesthetic of your room, you can also have a mirror on the ceiling.

A professional house painter in Sydney can advise you on the ideal colours for your space, so if you are looking to redecorate or paint, it’s worthwhile to chat with an expert. For more information on wall painting, don’t hesitate to contact Priority One Coatings.