When it comes to commercial properties, no doubt, as an owner, you would like to make an excellent first impression on visitors. The simplest way to look professional and tell your customers that you are open for business is by keeping the interior and exterior fresh with paint.

But it’s not just about cosmetic improvement. The exterior of your commercial property needs to be painted to block out the ultraviolet rays and harmful effects of temperature. In contrast, interior paint is vital to cover imperfections and stay protected from wear and tear.

However, painting large-scale properties is about more than just buying and applying gallons of paint with brushes. It needs the best finish; after all, it is not an everyday investment. It is often the case that a little mistake can end up having costly consequences instead of sprucing up your commercial building.

So, before you reach for a fresh coat you might be planning, take into account some of the following factors that allow you to save time, money and effort.

How is your commercial paint project different from a residential paint project?

Let’s talk about the quality of the paint and the scale of the painting. Investments in tools and equipment, service and labour requirements, and commercial and residential painting differ dramatically in all these critical aspects. For example, you must invest in extensive safety equipment and more complicated extendable application equipment to paint commercial buildings with elevated structures.

Also, a commercial painting project involves ample commercial space with a variety of textures and surfaces that require a high volume of painting, often requiring the employ of multiple labourers.

That is why owners of commercial platforms tend to seek help from commercial painters who have the experience and endurance to paint large-scale properties while maintaining all safety requirements. Because unlike residential painting, commercial painting requires a larger team of experienced painters to complete the job.

Tips to follow while painting your commercial property

Interior painting

interior commercial building painting

A fresh coat of interior paint can lead to a high rise in foot traffic, improve workplace satisfaction and keep your space looking clean and modern.

Go for the right paint colour palette

The colour you use on your building’s interior can significantly affect the mood of your business, create a psychological response among customers and influence how your employees feel. So try to pick an interior colour palette that will complement the ethos of your business. For example, you can choose white to create a sense of cleanliness and neutrality, green to promote the environment or pick in between yellow and orange to bring a cheerful and optimistic vibe and encourage positive emotions among employees and customers.

Schedule strategically

Undoubtedly, commercial buildings tend to deal with more foot traffic and activity. So while scheduling the painting project, make sure it doesn’t slow down your daily operations. Or else you will end up losing potential customers. For example, you can hire commercial painting contractors for after-hours work or get your painting project done during the holiday season so that it doesn’t interfere with your workflow.

Prepare your property for a new coat of paint

Dive into some prep work prior and prepare your interior area. Remove all decorations from the walls and other surfaces, cover the fixers with plastics and cover the floor edges with tapes so that paint couldn’t bleed underneath the tapes. You can rearrange the furniture or just cover those with plastic sheets. Then to cover the floor, you can use a canvas sheet as a drop cloth to skip paint splashes and drips.

Ensure proper surface preparation and inspection

Because if you paint over a damaged surface, the whole painting project will likely fail. So check for fracturing, pest damage, dents, cracks or bumps and make the needed repairs. Suppose, to remove the bumps from the earlier paint job, you can use a sanding sponge or chalk to fill the cracks. However, always go with a primer and apply it as a final step in surface preparation. It will extend the durability as well as preserve the integrity of the new paint.

Exterior painting

exterior commercial building painting

When the exterior of your commercial building is your company’s first visual impression, having an appealing exterior look is a must.

Don’t underestimate the prep work

People often tend to skip the process of cleaning the surface of the exterior before applying paint. But the exterior surface of any commercial building should be thoroughly cleaned prior to the paint application for better paint adhesion. You can apply power washing or pressure washing to remove the surface contaminants like oil, grease, and graffiti. And allow a couple of days for the exterior surface to fully dry before applying primer and paint.

Consider the outdoor effects

Weather can negatively affect an exterior paint job. Therefore, it is wiser to plan the painting project during the seasonal window, especially when the weather conditions are likely to warm and dry and pose the slightest threat of rain. The excessive heat can make the outside surface of the paint dry much faster, causing bumps or wrinkles, while cold temperature turns the paint much thicker in consistency. So, if you plan on painting the exterior of your commercial building, keep an eye on the forecast before scheduling time.

Choose an ideal shade and type of paint

Consider your commercial building’s exterior as the giant billboard of your company that can create a memorable impression on your customers. What you can do is choose a colour that represents your brand slogan, logo, or vision or is synonymous with your business product. So that people can perceive your business even before entering your commercial space. Also, you need to focus on functionality while selecting long-lasting exterior paint colours. For example, as the lighter hues reflect sunlight, are fade-resistant and suffer fewer moisture problems, you can stick to earthy tone colours.

Ensure high safety standards

Commercial building exterior painting requires high standards of safety. You need to make sure that the paint you are using will cause fewer health risks to the people accessing the commercial space. And when you hire commercial painting contractors, you should inspect the safety measures that the company provides so that the customers or workers are not exposed to a risk of injury. Such as whether they are using adequate barriers and signs to detour traffic near the working areas or whether they are inspecting ladders, scaffolds, and all ropes before use or not.

Hiring skilled commercial painters is the key

Painting commercial buildings come with its own set of challenges. It is not a skill easily mastered. You must understand that a paint job is better suited for professionals. Because they will have all the necessary equipment and tools, bring experience, hold professional licenses and insurance, provide you with an exact quote, offer all the services your need and, most importantly, ensure a flawless paint job. So at the end of the day, hiring the right one is worth it and necessary.

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