One of the most important factors contributing to a property’s value, as well as buyer attraction, is a house’s colour of exterior and interior. A unique and elegant colour helps your property to stand out from the rest.

Recently, real estate agencies have been focusing more on the painting and decoration of property; not only because of the aesthetics but because it can add significantly to your property value. Each house is unique in its decoration and style. So before you begin painting the interior or exterior of your residence, several points should be considered.

  1. First, decide your mood. Everyone’s taste is unique and it’s ok to have differences here. After deciding whether you want cool, warm, bright, cheery, subdued or any other reflective theme, choose your paint accordingly. The place you want to paint is also an important factor. Your painting theme should match the interior design and furniture already there.
  2. Lighting plays a vital role in how your interior looks, and understanding the lighting and LRV of your room is a must for choosing the right colour. For the exterior too, you have to choose carefully. Take the colour palette of your surroundings into consideration, as you certainly don’t want your property to be the bizarre one in your neighbourhood. Effective use of colour on the exterior of your home can have a tremendous effect.
  3. If you are confused or finding the process difficult, then you can always seek professional help regarding colour selection. Most reputed residential painting service companies in Australia work closely with a colour consultant who can help you choose the right colour for your home.

When it comes to hiring someone for the paint job, be sure you hire a professional house painter. Nowadays, it’s quite difficult to find the right painting company, one who will meet all of your criteria. There are several measures you should take into consideration before hiring any interior and exterior house painter.

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Professionalism should always be preferred over cost-effectiveness. Some companies may offer you an unbelievable price but, please keep in mind, better results come with better investment. Chances are, cheaper companies will hire unprofessional or undertrained employees. Their standard of work could be disastrous for the appearance of your house.

Also, consider these before hiring residential painters:


  • Hiring an experienced house painter with a diverse portfolio is always a good idea. A professional painting company always provides well-trained and highly experienced staff. They have a reputation to keep.
  • You need to choose a painting service who is flexible and available at a convenient time for you. It is better to select house painters with weekend and night-time availability.
  • Accreditation represents professionalism or quality of service, so it’s good to hire painting contractors who are accredited by reputed bodies like Dulux or MTA.
  • Another important factor is whether the painting contractor carries insurance; like public liability insurance, home warranty insurance, worker’s compensation insurance etc. Also, the house painters must comply with the Work Health and Safety Compliant.
  • Always provide or specify that the painting contractor uses quality paint of a reputed brand, as well as quality tools.
  • It is more beneficial to hire a painting and decorating service that works closely with a colour expert. Most reputed companies have one.
  • Always hire professionals who meet, or indeed exceed, painting industry standards.

Painting your property is not an easy task; you need to plan beforehand and consider several factors like colour selection, hiring the right professional for the job and cost-effectiveness. The interior or exterior colour of a property represents your unique choices and sense of creativity. So, decide carefully!