Living in smaller spaces with plenty of benefits has been trending for so long. They are easy to clean, come with affordable price tags, need less furnishing, are easy to organise and so on. Small apartments are a more practical option in large country home living. Having a small one is one thing, but having one that feels cramped, poky, and claustrophobic is another.

To fix these problems, you can make your room look and feel bigger by creating optical illusions. Easy tricks like using neutral hues, decluttering, sticking on the same colour palate, and using minimal and transparent furniture always work in such situations.

As expert interior painters in Sydney, we are here with creative ways to give your small room a more open look without knocking down walls.

Use neutral and lighter shade paint colours

When considering paint colour, opt for neutral and light hues. It creates a great visual illusion of space by reflecting natural lights. Cool colour tones also give the feeling of airy and open space. Go with shades of whites, earthy tones like yellow, sky blues, shades of greens and pale neutrals to have an instant result.

Trick the eye with the same colour palate

Using the same colour shade from the baseboard to the ceiling helps make your home’s petite proportions spacious. This will hide the boundaries and focal points in the surfaces. You can also feature with different colours if you want variation, but make sure all tones are from the same colour story. It will help to create a balance in the final look of your apartment.

Furnishing wisely

The right choice of furniture can go a long way. Selecting big-size minimal furniture rather than a bunch of small pieces can open the way for you. As a bonus, you can use Lucite, acrylic and transparent glass furniture to make it disappear. You can also open up spaces above, giving a lofty feeling by selecting low-slung furniture that sits closer to the ground.

Declutter the room

The easiest and fastest way to make your small space feel bigger is decluttering. Less pieces of stuff will give you more space. Use the spaces behind doors, use furniture with storage and big rugs and keep your floor clean as much as possible. With things neatly arranged, it will give any room extra space to breathe.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Placing mirrors strategically on the wall is a budget-friendly old-school trick to make your small room more prominent. Mirrors can reflect both natural and artificial lights in day and night. Placing it near a window works effectively, reflecting the world outside. The bigger the size of the mirror, the better the illusion of extra square footage. But the frame should be kept minimalist.

Wrap up

No matter how small your room is, you can use these tricks to make your no-space area look larger. Besides, if you want to renovate your home with small rooms to feel more prominent with a fresh coat of paint in Sydney, the professional house painters at Priority One Coatings are always there to provide you with a high-quality finish.

Photo by Jon’Nathon Stebbe on Unsplash