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Priority One Coatings provide safe lead paint removal and lead paint-stripping services for households and commercial premises in Sydney.

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If your property was built before 1970, it might contain lead-based paint. Lead paint can be hazardous to people of all ages, especially children, pregnant women, and babies. Inhaling leaking lead paint can damage the brain permanently. Ancient buildings' lead-based paint poses severe health risks. Keeping these consequences in mind when refurbishing, remodelling or repainting these properties, the lead-safe method must be followed to maintain your family's health safety. Only experienced and licensed professionals can execute it.

Priority One Coatings offers lead paint removal services all over Sydney metropolitan area to turn your place into a safe one. We have been removing lead paint for over 32 years. Our trained team know exactly how to assess your property.

We take a comprehensive approach to lead paint removal. Our lead abatement professionals start by assessing the scope of the lead contamination and identifying any potential risks. From there, we create a customised plan for removing the lead paint.

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    Professionals remove lead-based paint

    Hire Lead Based Paint Removal Experts

    In addition to our lead paint removal services, we also offer a free lead assessment as Dulux accredited painters' company to help you determine whether your property contains lead-based paint. This can be important in ensuring your property is safe and healthy for you and your family.

    We also understand the importance of minimising disruption to your daily routine while the work is being done. Our lead expert contractors will work with you to schedule the removal at a convenient time, and we'll take steps to minimise any disturbance to your home or business property.

    You can contact us any time by giving us a phone call or by mailing us to get a free assessment and no-obligation quote.

    Our Speciality

    With a professional and experienced team, Priority One Coatings provide a complete lead abatement service efficiently. We specialise in safe working and protect our community from the unbearable risk of lead exposure. Our highly skilled lead removal contractors execute every lead project with the same finishing, from lead assessment to removal and handover. We follow the safest method and high-quality materials to provide the next level of accuracy in every lead-based project. Whether it is the interior or exterior lead removal job, completing every project with zero damage is our trained lead team's speciality.

    Safety Measure

    Maintaining safety in every lead-based paint removal project is always our priority. Our trained and experienced lead removal professionals always meet industry standards and regulations to complete the whole process of preventing safety hazards. We follow the WorkSafe safety and prevention instructions to prevent any risk related to the lead removal process. Our professionals also ensure that all the family members and neighbours stay alert and take precautions before we start to lead stripping. We always maintain a strict protocol to ensure our team members and customers are safe in the lead-based paint removal process.

    Quality Solutions

    Our Dulux-accredited painters never compromise with quality. We are recognised as the top-quality lead paint removal solution provider across Sydney CBD. Our Sydney painters use premium quality painting materials to execute each lead project with 100% customer satisfaction. We provide the same quality finish whether it is commercial, residential, industrial, strata or heritage property. The machines and technology our lead removal team uses are the latest in the market and designed to produce less dust in the lead removing process. Our promise to all Sydney residents is to ensure the best finishing end-to-end lead treatment.

    Skilled Technicians

    With over 32 years of experience, we got the top position in the market. Our highly trained and skilled technicians can provide you with the best finish lead removal solution that will exceed your expectation. We accumulate industry-leading expertise to execute all the interior and exterior lead paint removal. We use comprehensive removal equipment to ensure the removal of lead-based paint entirely from any surface. Priority One Coatings is a member of the Master Painters Association, which give us the opportunity to attend verities of training program and seminars on lead removal. It helps our professionals stay updated and enhance their skills aspects to every paint job.

    Damage Control

    From lead paint testing to removal and disposal, we always remain concerned about getting done our every lead project and controlling all possible damages. Our Sydney experts use the safest removal methods. We commonly use extraction sander with HEPA filtration, which helps us to capture the dust at the source with the appropriate Australian Standards respirator. We cover the entrance and surfaces with a double plastic sheet to prevent dust from doing any damage inside and outside. Our lead removal experts conduct a clear inspection and air monitoring to confirm our lead removal work has been completed properly.

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    We provide a range of insurance coverage for Lead Paint Removal.

    1. Public Liability Insurance
    2. Home Warranty Insurance
    3. Workers Compensation Insurance
    4. Occupational Health & Safety Compliant with complete OH&S System in place

    Lead Paint Removal Process

    Our lead-based paint removal process is compliant with the industry's best work practices across the Sydney regional area. We go beyond legal standards and incorporate professional work area preparation, effective cleaning, and removal methods into every lead paint removal project to ensure occupants' and construction workers' safety. As a result, construction is not get affected by lead exposure. We take lead paint removal seriously and strive to exceed industry standards in every project we undertake. We understand that lead-based paint can be a hazard to occupants and construction workers, so we take great care in every step of the removal process.

    Lead Assessment

    Our first step is to evaluate the physical condition of the building and determine the extent of the lead paint contamination. Our professional lead removal experts examine all surfaces and layers to identify lead appearance in residential, commercial and industrial sites. We take time and give a close look to evaluate paint coating to determine lead-based paint existence and create tailored plans according to each property owner's individual needs. Our trusted lead abatement contractors complete the assessment process initially with test kits and, if needed, with the help of accredited laboratories listed by WorkSafe in the town. We then use our knowledge of principles and regulations to ensure that our lead paint removal services are provided in compliance with federal, state, and local laws.

    Most Suitable Lead Removal Method

    Next, based on the assessment, our lead removal experts choose the most effective method for removing lead abatement. With the best knowledgeable and accredited employee, we always use the safest removal methods, including scraping, chemical strippers, wet hand sanding, low-temperature heat process and dry power sanding with HEPA vacuum attachment sanding to strip lead paint. Before starting lead removal, we set up the site properly to avoid all kind of risk and hazards. Our highly trained professionals usually start working with exterior and end with the interior. With double plastic sheets, we wrap up the total area where needed; thus, lead dust can't get exposed. A thorough clean-up and disposal of lead-contaminated waste is part of Priority One Coatings service. Our lead-base paint removal contractors take every necessary safety precaution to ensure that both our workers and the occupants of the building are protected from exposure through the whole lead removal process.

    Repair, Renovation and Painting

    Once the lead paint has been safely removed, our qualified painters follow the Australian property painting standards and guidelines to repair, renovate, and paint every part of the premises. A thorough cleaning and clearance verification is part of our process. We take help from certified Waste Transfer Station for the safe handling of disposal and hazardous materials. Our repairing and renovation cover all the necessary activities like window and door replacement, demolition and weatherisation. We review and revise any measures implemented to control risks associated with lead exposure, as required by regulations. Our goal is to provide a safe and healthy environment for everyone involved in the project, and we take great pride in our ability to go above and beyond legal standards. We are fully trainned to execute the required renovation in the lead removal process. Our commitment to professionalism, effective cleaning, and removal methods ensures that lead exposure does not affect construction.




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    Priority One Coatings sets industry standards with the most effective and efficient lead removal expert team. We work all over Sydney to save our community from lead exposure and health risk with our professionalism. Our accredited painters work with many property owners, and most of them have reached us through referrals. 32 years of experience in the lead removal industry has given us the confidence and expertise to execute any lead treatment, whether it is a residential, commercial, strata or heritage property. You can check out our testimonials and portfolio to know more about our lead-based paint removals.

    Service We Offer

    Priority One Coatings brings a decade of expertise to the lead removal industry, covering the interior and exterior of all residential, commercial, industrial, strata and heritage properties.

    As a member of the Master Painters Association, our ability to provide lead treatment is the best practice in the market. As we know, lead is a toxic substance and can pose health hazards over time; our lead experts take minimal time and follow full-on environmental safety standards to provide high-quality and safe lead removal in every aspect. As Sydney's number one lead removing service provider, we offer a wide range of services:

    Lead paint consultation and quote

    Lead paint advice

    Lead paint testing

    Site evaluation

    Lead paint removal

    Lead waste management and disposal

    Clearance inspection after lead removal

    A thorough clean up

    Painting after lead-based paint removal

    Frequently Asked Question

    Different Sydney residents ask us various questions about lead paint removal solutions at different times. So, we have listed them and written them here in the frequently asked question section to provide you with the required knowledge about our lead-based paint removal service.

    How is lead paint different from other paint?

    Lead paint is an outdated product that contains toxic chemicals in large amounts, which threatens health. Whereas all paints available these days contains no lead.

    How do I know if there’s lead-based paint?

    The easiest way to know is to check when your building was last painted. If it was before or during the 1970s, you have a sure chance of having lead paint in your house. You can test it using a test kit available to determine the presence of lead-based paint. If the swab gives a negative result, but the age of the house indicates that it is possible to use lead paint, you can have it tasted by professionals.

    If I find lead paint in my building, am I in danger?

    As most lead paint is old these days, there is a chance to be crumbling, peeling and chalking away. If you find paint in these conditions, it’s a sign of danger. If you find lead paint on your premises, it is good to contact priority one coatings to remove it as soon as possible.

    Can I remove lead-based paint on my own?

    No, you can’t remove lead-based paint on your own. Only professionals can do it because it is a niche process, and there is a health risk too.

    What are the inappropriate removing methods?

    Lead paint should not be removed in methods that create fumes or dust, such as dry sanding, dry scraping, sandblasting, heating or burning. At priority one coating, we use none of these techniques in lead paint removal.

    What are some appropriate removal methods?

    The most frequently practiced lead paint removal methods include encapsulation-, which is a paint-like protective coating, enclosure, replacement etc. After the lead test, the professionals can suggest to you the most effective lead paint stripping and removing options for your wall.

    Is a clearance inspection necessary for lead paint removal?

    Clearance inspection is necessary for lead paint removal because this process risks releasing hazardous chemicals in the dust. In this case, Priority One Coatings can be your best partner. We always clean the premises very carefully after work, and clearance inspection is a part of our work.

    Is it illegal if I find lead paint and do nothing about it?

    Yes, there is a potential legal and health risk associated with the presence of lead in materials. The Work Health Safety Act 2011 considers any material with more than 1% lead content hazardous, and employers are responsible for ensuring a safe working environment. Even in a domestic setting, failing to address lead exposure could lead to legal issues, especially if you are a landlord.

    How Priority can help with lead removal?

    Priority One Coatings provides high-quality lead based paint removal services all over Sydney, executed by highly-trained and accredited professionals. Our lead paint abatement contractors go beyond legal standards and incorporate professional work area preparation, effective cleaning, and removal methods into every lead paint removal project to the occupants and construction workers. We believe this is essential for consistent customer satisfaction.

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