Painting can be an effective solution to upgrade the whole look of a building, but preparing the whole project before painting can be challenging. Be it commercial or residential building, proper site preparation is a fundamental step.

Well, the groundwork phase can be a less hassling when you hire expert painters for your property in Sydney. As professional painting company of Sydney, we the Priority One Coatings team strictly focus on the on-site preparation so that the finishing results never fail to impress you.

Let’s look at the steps our painters follow on-site while preparing for the paint job.

Step 1: Initial Assessment and Planning Accordingly

It is essential to do a complete site assessment before starting any physical preparation. This inspection involves understanding the size and shape of the space, the condition of the surface, and any damages that need to be fixed from the root before painting. Lead testing is also done for external painting in this phase. Our team usually visit the commercial or residential project earlier before painting, inspects the entire area, and then prepares a plan depending on the overall condition.  

Step 2: Protect Furniture and Adjacent Area

Once the day of the painting arrives, it’s time to get concerned about the other elements of the house. As an experienced painting service, we always ensure maximum protection for all the furniture, windows, doors and the floor as well. It’s best to move the furniture far from the painting area, but if it can’t be moved, we cover it with protective sheeting. Also, using painter’s tape, the windows and doors are covered in both internal and external painting.

Step 3: Deep Clean the Surface

Dust, grease or any kind of dirt can prevent paint from adhering properly. That’s why we make sure to clean the full base thoroughly for both residential and commercial painting. It’s best to start with scraping off the old peeling paint to get a clear surface. Our painters then use pressure washing to get rid of any remaining dirt. For delicate areas such as appearance of mould in any walls, its cleaned with chemical solutions for best results.

Step 4: Repair Any Damages

Once the base is clean, it is easy for us to find any visible signs of damage. Our on-site team repairs minor dents and gaps. By using appropriate fillers or putties, the cracks or holes are filled. If there is a sign of water stains, it is appropriately inspected, and if there is any internal issue, it is fixed before painting. The walls are sanded properly to smooth out the rough surface. In terms of wooden surfaces, if any part is rotten, we suggest replacing it with a long-lasting finish.

Step 5: Prime the Base for Painting

The longevity of the paint depends a lot on priming. Primers help to seal the porous surface like wood and prevent the paint from being uneven. That’s why, based on the type of the surface, our painters use high-quality primers so that the paint that will be used afterwards will stick better.

Additional Tips for You to Follow Before the Painters Arrive

However, if you choose expert painting services in Sydney, they will take care of all the necessary tasks in the preparation phase, so a little contribution from your side can make the whole process a bit easier. As a property owner, here’s what you can do-

  • Move furniture to the centre of the room or as far as possible.
  • Remove wall hangings, curtains, and other decorations to provide clear access to the walls.
  • Make a clear pathway for the painters to move their equipment and supplies in and out of the painting area.
  • If you know there are signs of water damage or mould, address these issues before painting.
  • Areas with heavy use might have grease or stains, so use a mild detergent to wash these areas thoroughly.

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