Whenever there is a demand for look upgradation of any project, be it a residential or commercial space, painting is the first solution that comes to our mind. Due to regular usage and exposure to sunlight, the colour can get damaged, and it might need retouch or a fresh coat of paint at any time of the year. But unfortunately, every period of the year comes with different weather, and each has its own challenges to offer the painters of Sydney.

In Sydney, summer starts in December and lasts almost till February, and the average temperature ranges from 18.6 to 25.8°C. The average humidity also rises up to 65%, which creates a pretty complicated situation for the best painting services in Sydney to achieve a quality finish.

What Are the Difficulties Hot Weather Brings for Painters?

Quick Drying

Increased temperatures can cause the paint to dry too quickly, which makes it challenging to achieve a smooth finish. It creates a huge mess, especially when painting larger surfaces or intricate details. Also, fast drying time can lead to brush and roller marks on the painted surface.

Paint Blistering

Sometimes, excess heat causes the paint to bubble as it dries. This can result in a patchy and unsightly surface that may require extensive sanding and repainting to fix.

Colour Fading

Getting the desired colour and finish is a crucial factor in achieving customer satisfaction. The intense heat of sunrays can cause paint colours to fade or change over time. Even bright colours can lose their glow very quickly during summer if high-quality paint is not used.

Clogged Equipment

When the weather is scorching, it causes paint to dry and harden in brushes, rollers, and spray equipment more quickly. So, it needs frequent cleaning to prevent clogs and maintain the quality of tools.

Heat Stress

Painting in hot weather can be physically challenging and lead to heat-related exhaustion for the painters. Specifically, during the exterior painting, the effect of direct sunlight and humid weather brings various health risks for the painters.

What Are the Tips for Painting in The Summer Heat?

  • Fix the painting schedule in the cooler part of the day, like- morning or late afternoon hours, to avoid excess temperature.
  • Choose a painting company that focuses on proper surface preparation, which will prevent issues like cracking and fading.
  • Check on the weather forecasts, as sudden weather changes can affect your project.
  • Go for professional painters in Sydney who use quality products and focus on equipment maintenance.

As the climate of Sydney can be challenging for painting, it is necessary to have an expert painting company by your side. So, no matter what the weather is, contact Priority One Coatings today to get top-notch service all year round from the experienced painters of Sydney.