A fresh coat of paint can surely upgrade your home, but did you know it also can protect your house from the scorching heat of summer? Yes, you read it right. If you are a homeowner in Sydney and struggling to manage your property during the summertime, simply choosing the right colour palette for the next residential painting project can help you a lot.

What is the science behind colours impacting the temperature of your house?

When sunlight hits a surface, the colour of that surface determines how much light is absorbed and how much is reflected. Dark shades absorb more light, while light tones reflect more. Thus, both interior and exterior paint shade can play an essential role in regulating the warmth of your space:

Exterior Paint: If you choose a dark-colour palette for exteriors, like black or closer to black, it absorbs more heat from the sun and transfers it into your living space. These colours also don’t reflect as much UV light as lighter tones.

Interior Paint: the paint of the inside walls is shielded from direct sunlight; still, there are windows or screen doors through which warm sunrays can enter. So, if your house doesn’t have a sound ventilation system or central air conditioning, darker tones should also be avoided for interior painting.

What colours should you choose for a natural cooling effect?

Based on colour psychology, light colours can be your first choice if you want a refreshing atmosphere and want to avoid summer heat. We present a list of colour suggestion that works best as a natural coolant-

Shades of Whites:

White can create a crisp and clean look, be it pure white or with cool/warm undertones. White reflects light and makes spaces feel brighter and cooler. You can enhance the vibe of white walls by adding pops of colourful elements like yellow or playful pinks.

Soft Greens

Pale green tones, such as mint or sage, remind us of a connection with nature and contribute to a calming atmosphere. These colours can be especially effective in bedrooms and living areas.

Pale Yellows:

Light and subtle yellows, like buttery or pastel shades, can bring warmth without overwhelming the space. If you want to enhance natural light and maintain a relaxed ambience simultaneously, pale yellow shades are perfect.

Light Blues:

Being a colour from the cool undertone genre, shades of blue create a sense of a relaxed environment. Moreover, soft blues reminiscent of the sky or sea can bring calmness to a room. Thus, colours like sky blue, powder blue, or cerulean are great options.

Mauvy Lilac:

Soft shades of lavender with a hint of the muted undertones of mauve bring a touch of elegance to a space. These colours can be particularly suitable for bedrooms or areas where relaxation is essential.

Though each colour brings serenity, not every tone is made for your home. While selecting the paint shade, it’s always wise to consult with professional house painters in Sydney. Experienced painting services in Sydney, like Priority One Coatings, are experts in colour consultation and suggest the right tone that goes perfectly with your living space. So, no matter your colour requirements, contact us to get the best service in Sydney.

Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash