Exterior paint is an often overlooked yet powerful remedy that simultaneously enhances the aesthetics of your house while protecting it from weather elements. The outer surface of our living space is exposed to extreme sunlight, heavy rain and humid weather here in Sydney. So, choosing a layer that can protect your house is essential, and the right kind of paint used by the professional house painters of Sydney can be the ultimate solution.

What are the benefits exterior paint can provide against external weather?

Sun Protection: The ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun are persistent and can seriously damage the outer portion of the house. If the exterior paint you are using for your home contains UV protectants, it can absorb or reflect these rays, preventing fading, or even cracking.

Moisture Barrier: Moisture is one of the main problems related with weather in every house. Due to rainfall, and snow, humidity can penetrate into the external surfaces, and cause structural damage, and mould. A layer of high-quality paint can act as a waterproof barrier and save the external surface.

Temperature Control: During scorching weather, direct exposure to sunlight can make the walls of your space very hot and increase the temperature inside the home. If lighter colours are selected for exteriors, it can reflect sunlight and make your house cooler.

What is the most weather-resistant exterior paint?

UV-Resistant Paint

In a hot area, sun exposure is the main problem you will face for your space’s external paint. In this case, UV-resistant paint can work magic. If standard paint is often exposed to direct sunshine, it will fade at a rate of roughly 7% per year. UV-resistant paint, on the other hand, degrades at a rate of around 2% per year. This allows the paint job to have much more life and a long-lasting, vibrant colour, even in a hot environment.

100% Acrylic paint

Extreme temperature variations may be harsh on exterior house paint in some cases. Your best option in these situations is going to be 100% acrylic paint. This kind of paint sticks well to the surface of the house and is long-lasting. It also sticks firmly to the base and prevents moisture from penetrating the surface.

Mildew-Resistant Paint

Mould and mildew may cause a number of health issues; thus, for those who live in wet locations, it can be a significant concern. Paint that resists mildew is a fantastic technique to prevent moisture from converting into dangerous spores. Typically applied to a home’s interior in areas like bathrooms, it’s also an excellent choice for the outside when you want to make sure that mould and germs won’t get inside your property.

How can you get maximum protection from exterior paint from the weather?

Painting requires proper surface preparation in order for the paint to stick. You can use a brush to remove any remaining dirt from the surface. Before painting, smooth out the uneven surface and apply the proper primer to the entire area.

Based on your house’s requirements, choose the right paint. Remember, while choosing exterior paint, select high-quality paint even if it’s on the expensive side because good quality paint will give maximum protection and will last long, which will ultimately save you money.

Last, but not least, go for expert residential painters in Sydney who can give a perfect paint finish to your project. Experienced painting services in Sydney maintain the proper guidelines and paint your house’s exterior to ensure maximum weatherproofing benefits.

To conclude, your house is your asset, and ensuring its longevity is your responsibility. Exterior paint can be a great way to save your house from weather damage, so invest in it wisely and contact skilled house painters for a flawless finish.

Photo by Sieuwert Otterloo on Unsplash