When it comes to your business, maintaining a positive image with your client base is extremely important. There are obviously various aspects of this to consider, however for many kinds of businesses, the physical appearance of the premises and the interior certainly comes into the equation. This is the reason successful businesses invest greatly in furnishings, interior decorators, commercial painters and even gardeners.

strata painting for business success


Why is strata painting important when it comes to attracting business?

Strata and commercial painters are in the business of helping you keep the exterior of your building in tip-top shape and looking it’s best for your customers. Typically, the kinds of companies that search for these kinds of painting services include office and commercial buildings, government and education facilities and retail shopping centres. It’s quite plain to see why these kinds of buildings would need to be maintained and repainted regularly – as the number of people they attract has a strong impact on how pleasant these places are to be in. You’re less likely to want to live, shop or send your children to school in a drab, ugly and uncared for building.

Small business owners also benefit greatly from regular upkeep of the building they operate in. Depending on the kind of business, the conditions of the premises has an effect on the business image in general.

So what exactly does strata painting involve?

In layman’s terms, strata work is all about painting upkeep on a large scale commercial building. This can include:

  • Graffiti and Stain removal/prevention
  • High-pressure washing to remove harmful materials
  • Concrete and render repairs
  • All coating and waterproof membrane application
  • Programmed maintenance and touch-ups
  • Lead and asbestos paint management and removal
  • Interior areas


Longer lasting paintwork

As you can see, strata and commercial painting are about more than just maintaining surface appearances and provides long term value by saving you money and keeping your paintwork fresh and healthy for longer. Materials including mould, dust, dirt and grime build up over time and can damage the paint film. You might’ve guessed that this can mean a complete repaint is required sooner. As well as touching up, strata painters and maintenance professionals keep the surface as healthy as possible and apply new coatings as required to ensure this doesn’t happen.

commercial building

All-access areas

One of the aspects of strata painting that is worth mentioning is that these painters are not limited in terms of where they can operate. Most will work on high scale buildings and have all the necessary equipment including scaffolding and work platforms to get the job done at great heights.

strata painters

Lead/Asbestos Management

Another invaluable benefit is that strata painters are knowledgeable in the areas of lead-based paints and asbestos. Particularly in the case of older buildings, these materials can be extremely harmful if not managed properly. Strata companies can help you manage this and find a solution.

So if your commercial building is looking worse for wear and is negatively impacting on your business, give Priority One Coatings in Sydney a call (02 9808 5900) today and discuss your options!